What is SAP Flexible Real Estate?

What is SAP Flexible Real Estate

The SAP Flexible Real Estate Management module, also known as REFX, is included in your core SAP installation. This module gives you a triple view of master data (Land Usage Management or the Legal view, Architectural view or the Geographical view and Usage view or the Financials view). These views let you collect different data and easily create and manage all types of real estate objects.

The power of Flexible Real Estate is its integration with SAP other modules such as Financials (FI), Controlling (CO), Fixed Assets (AA), Project Systems (PS), Plant Maintenance (PM), Service Management (SM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Warehouse (BW) and any external system such as ESRI or Geospatial Information System, AutoCAD or Drawing systems and Document Management or DMS.

What are the Components of SAP’s Flexible Real Estate Management Module?

Land Usage Management – The Legal View:

What do I own? What is my form of ownership? What encumbrances are on my properties?

What do I operate? Under what form do I do so? Which right of ways are on the properties I operate?

Architectural Object – the Geographical View:

Where is located What I own? What I operate? What geographical data do I need to track?

Usage View – The Financial View:

What are the properties for which I need financial data that I own? That I operate?

Am I an Owner to follow my cost or A landlord to follow my revenue and expenses?

RE Contracts – The Contracts Section

What type of contracts do I have related to my landlord or tenant activities?

What type of legal contracts/commitments do I have to follow?

What encumbrances result in payment on receivables on my properties?

Space & Expenses Management Reporting

Move Management – Inside Space Management
How do I maximize the use of my space?
How do I provide employees with the most efficient work space?

CAMER – Common Area Maintenance Expenses & Recovery
What are my common charges?
How can I re-bill them internally or externally?

Reporting BI/BOBJ
In complement to standard SAP-REFX reporting, SAP Business Intelligence, Business warehouse and BOBJ are available to link data from SAP and external systems.


Geo Spatial Integration
With ESRI as GIS software, with Google map, with Bing map, GeoSpatial can be integrated at multiple levels.

Drawing Integration
Integrate your AutoCAD drawing within SAP or any other drawing software; from view mode only to fully integrated.

Document Management Integration
Document management software can be fully integrated within SAP REFX; either SAP-DMS or Records Management or any third party external one such as OpenText or Documentumt.

SAP-REFX is available to work on tablets or smartphones.

Green Building Certification
In conjunction with Project Systems, Document Management or Records Management, you can track where you are in your Green Building Certification process.