What is SAP’s REFX Structure?

SAP REFX module is composed of a series of sub-modules which help you manage all aspects of your real estate operations.

  • Land Usage management or LUM, takes care of the Legal business processes.
  • Architectural view or AO, deals with the Geographical location of the business processes.
  • Usage view or UV, focuses on the land and buildings for which you need a financial and cost controlling integration.
  • Real Estate Contracts or REC, handles the contracting side of real estate, from lease-out to lease-in, easements, rights of way and any others variations.
  • Space and Move Management, helps you best utilize the space you own or rent.
  • Condominium Management is the business process of outsourcing to a Third party company the management of a condominium tower be it residential or commercial.
  • Common Area Maintenance Expenses Recovery or CAMER, allows you to track how much are you paying in services or how much are you going to charge your tenants.